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3 Reasons Why Roofing Repairs should be left to the Experts

Are you thinking of climbing on your roof to try a DIY repair you’ve just seen online?  DIY projects can be so fulfilling. You feel a certain pride and satisfaction when you’ve taken your home’s maintenance needs in your own hands and possibly saved a few coins in the process. Whether you just repaired a leaky faucet or you’ve cleared your yard, the results can be so fulfilling. But the truth is, turning a roof repair into a DIY project is often a bad idea.

Not all home improvements should be done without the help of an expert. Many roof repair tasks are dangerous and there’s simply too much at stake to not hire a professional. Most roof repairs require experience and specialized skill in order to be done properly and to ensure that the issue doesn’t recur.

It’s always right to contact a roof repair company that has experience and is able to do the job safely and effectively. Even if you live in a small home and the roofing issue seems to be minor, climbing onto your roof and trying to take matters into your own hands is asking for trouble.

One thing you’re always assured of when you hire a professional roofer is that they have the skill and experience to handle the repairs safely. They know just how to mitigate the risks of falling and also come with the right tools to offer quality repairs and installations. Roofing companies have invested heavily in hiring qualified contractors and buying the latest tools to make repairs safe and effective.

There are many other reasons why we do not recommend DIY roofing repairs.

  1. You’ll void your warranty

When a roof is newly installed, the manufacturers will offer a warranty against their products. This is often considered a guarantee that their products are high quality and should serve them effectively within the roof’s lifespan. However, the warranty will only hold up if a licensed roofer did the installation or handled repairs.

Even if you went up the roof to replace just a few shingles, your warranty can be voided in case other issues come up along the way. You’ll have to pay out of pocket for additional repairs in the future. To avoid paying full price if something serious happens in the future – such as a bad storm that damages the roof or a fallen tree – stay away from DIY roof repairs.

A DIY roof repair may seem like a way of saving money but in the end, it can turn out to be more expensive. Hire a licensed roofing contractor to fix any issues that come up, no matter how minor they are if you want your warranty to remain intact.

  1. Prevent accidents

Roofing projects can be extremely dangerous for an inexperienced person. No matter how easy it is for you to master other DIY projects, it’s never a good idea to climb your roof. It’s scary to hear that over 2,000 people die each year because of fatal falls off from a roof. Many of them are people who were attempting to do repairs but lacked the skill and tools required to enhance safety.

One thing that most people fail to understand is that fixing a roof doesn’t involve going up once, doing the job and coming back down. There’s a high chance that you’ll need to make several trips up the roof, which is why the risk of falling is high. You need safety gear like helmets, boots, pads and more to keep yourself safe.

Additionally, you’re not only at risk of falling but you could also hurt yourself during the project given that you’ll be handling different tools that you’re not so familiar with. There are many reported cases of twisted ankles, back injuries, and bruises which occur when people choose to handle repairs on their own. It’s easy to miss that soft spot on your roof, step on the wrong place and damage the entire roofing in the process.

Expert roofing contractors are well aware of all these dangers. They use just the right tools to work high above the ground and are properly trained on the safety standards and procedures to keep accidents at bay. A professional roofing contractor will come with a safety harness, properly secured ladder, tool belts and everything else that’s required to handle the repairs smoothly.

  1. Poorly done repairs cost more in the long run

Roofing contractors are trained on how to use specific tools and procedures on the job in order to complete all projects well the first time. Whether it’s a simple repair project like replacing a few shingles or a complete re-roofing, there’s no compromising when it comes to the use of quality tools and equipment. Compromises can bring serious roofing problems along the way. Imagine if you end up putting a big puncture in your roof that goes unnoticed and causes water damage in the near future. That’s why DIY roofing repairs are never recommended.

When you have roofing shingles that need repairs, getting a professional to offer a quick fix is much cheaper than repairing the damage that occurs after a DIY. Watching enough YouTube videos on roof repairs doesn’t make anyone a pro.

There’s also a high chance that you won’t like the result once you’re done with the DIY project. Amateur work can save you money in the short term but will make your roof look a lot less uniform. You’ll probably end up calling a roof repair contractor to go back and fix your repairs.

If you’re thinking of attempting roof repairs on your own in order to save money, consider all the factors we’ve mentioned above. You’ll save yourself time, money and possibly an injury in the process by hiring an experienced contractor to handle the work.

Feel free to reach out to the team at D’Angelo if you need expert roofing contractors that you can trust to offer repairs that suit your needs and budget. We’re ready to offer emergency roof repair services.