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Are Eavestroughs Necessary?

Are Eavestroughs Necessary?

As a homeowner, you have probably wondered at one point in time if getting an eavestrough in Hamilton is really worth it. This is more so when you consider how tedious and messy cleaning them can be. Having no eavestroughs can be a dream come true considering the amount of work you will  avoid. But can you really do without these features?

While they can require some work when it comes to cleaning, especially when there are trees nearby , eavestroughs are a must-have. They protect your home by directing rainwater away from its valuable parts. They also keep moisture from seeping into the roof and direct water away from the basement and foundation. Eavestroughs are also essential in preventing soil erosion around your house.

Effects of Not Having Gutters

The only time you could get away with not having eavestrough in Mississauga or Hamilton is if it never rains where you live. Bearing in mind it rains, gutters become a necessity for all homeowners. . Not having them or having poorly maintained ones will cost you money, stress, and immense problems. Here are the various ways eavestrough protect your home.


As aforementioned, the first job of an eavestrough in Hamilton is to stop rainwater and moisture from seeping through the roof. While you might say that you have not had gutters for months and still cannot see any damage, you need to remember that not every roof damage is evident immediately. As a matter of fact, when you spot a roof problem, it is usually because the damage has already gone too far.

You don’t want to incur the high costs that come with roof replacement just because you did not invest in gutters, do you? The cost of installing gutters is very small when compared with the cost of eavestrough. Provided high-quality eavestroughs are installed in the right way, you will be able to avoid expensive roof damages.


Nobody wants to deal with a flooded basement. You also don’t want to deal with water getting into your house through the door or windows simply because the rainwater is not being redirected away from the house properly. These are problems homeowners deal with when they don’t have gutters.

The main job of the gutters is to redirect water away from your house so that it doesn’t splash next to your walls or run into your basement. Though, if your eavestrough is damaged or clogged, you will still have to deal with flooding problems.

Considering a flooded basement is more than an inconvenience but a problem that requires a lot of effort and money to drain and clean, ensuring your gutters are properly installed and cleaned is of utmost importance.


When there is no eavestrough, rainwater will run down the exterior of your walls and collect at the foundation of your home. As the water runs off, it will cause erosion which will subsequently weaken your foundation. Rust may also occur.

These effects are worse in areas that experience heavy rainfall. This means the foundation will be exposed to higher levels of moisture. This will lead to huge problems. Over time, the foundation might start to crack or even rot depending on the materials. Needless to say, cracks and rot in your foundation will compromise the overall structural integrity of your house and create an unsafe environment to live in.

It is expensive to repair foundation problems. The good news is an eavestrough in Mississauga can help you avoid these expenses.

Your Property

The important point you should understand about eavestroughs is they control the flow of water. As water runs off from the roof, it is collected into the gutters which then direct the water to a designated area. The designated area can be a water collection tank or sewer so that the water runs off without flooding your property.

Having no gutters means that the rainwater will simply run off and spill all over your property. The water can flow to your tended gardens or wash off your seedlings. Uncontrolled water from your roof can also flood your driveways and subsequently lead to cracks and potholes.

Simply put, eavestroughs in Hamilton are essential to the long-term preservation of your home. If you don’t want water damage in your basement, roof, foundation, or garden, you need the right gutters installed. In addition, you need to know when to replace your gutters.

Signs You need a New Eavestrough

There are several signs that will notify  you to repair or replace your eavestrough. Here are the key warning signs you should  keep an eye on.

1. Splits or Cracks

While they may not seem like a big issue, the small cracks in your gutter will eventually become larger. Water may leak through these cracks and still cause significant damage to your property. To prolong the life of your gutters, it is important that you take care of the small cracks and splits as soon as you notice them.

2. Paint peeling around or on your gutters

The paint on the gutters is designed to withstand typical wear and tear. If the gutters are old, the paint may peel and you may start seeing orange flecks which are a sign of rust. At this point, you need to bring in a professional to inspect the eavestrough in Mississauga  for you.

3. Mildew or pools of water around the foundation

Gutters are designed to keep water from getting to the foundation of your house. If you notice mildew or pools of water next to your foundation, this could be an indication that your gutters are not working as they should. The problem may be caused by a clog or defects in the eavestrough system.

To get a good service from your eavestrough in Hamilton, you have to make sure that the system is installed properly. It is also important that you keep them clean. The best way to keep gutters clean is by using a pressure washer.