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Do Roof Shingles Fade over time?

The roof is usually the first feature people notice on a house, so if the roof is unkept, the rest of the house will be unappealing. It is also the main reason why older homes begin to lose their attractiveness when the roof shingles start to wear off as they reach their lifespan or when they are not cared for as needed. Installing a new roof often brings back the lost appeal, but homeowners must know when that is necessary. The biggest challenge is in determining whether the fading shingles require repairs or replacement.

Every roofing material fades with time, but there are some cases when that is unusual. The material used will determine the extent and severity of the fading. One of the materials that naturally fades is shingles, which can not only reduce the value of the home but can also make it visually unpleasant.

How do different materials influence on fading of your roof?

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles fade, but the intensity of the fading depends on the colour shade of the materials. Darker shades like greys tend to fade faster than lighter shades, which makes the latter more durable than the former.

Typically, these shingles fade uniformly, but there have been rare cases where some areas changed colour quicker than others. Some of the factors that can contribute to this are weather changes, how the house is positioned, and spots of shade. Partial replacement of the roof can also cause such problems, especially if the newly installed shingles have a different colour from the existing ones. This can be avoided by choosing matching roof shingles.

Metal roofing

Metal roofs are also naturally durable, and they normally have a coating that prevents corrosion and protects them from dirt. The coating determines how long the material will last. If it is a high-quality coating, the metal roof will resist fading for a long time. Painted metal roofs have been proven to prolong the lifespan up to 40 years if superior paint is used, but they still need regular maintenance.

On the other hand, a poor quality coating can lead to chalking, especially when weather conditions are harsh and the paint has lighter colour. As such, metallic colours that appear more natural are the best, but they may be slightly expensive.

Slate roof materials and weathering

Slate roofs tend to maintain their natural stone colours over time, which makes them different from asphalt or painted roofs. However, according to the National Slate Association, they too can fade to an earth colour tone.

Different types of slate have different weathering rates. They also have multiple finishes that give aesthetic appeal variations and control the wearing-off process.

It is possible to leave weathered slate on the roof, but as time passes, the fading will increase and eventually need a replacement. This is because although the slate will still be resistant to fire and maintain a low moisture absorption rate, it may not look as good as it did initially.

Clay’s color resists change

Clay tiles can resist fading for up to 50 years. Their design makes them resistant to damage by weather elements, especially those that have a coating. Red clay, like pigment-based ceramic tiles, has its colours naturally mixed in with the clay. Thus, they don’t bleach or wear off easily, regardless of how extreme the sun and other corrosive agents are. They are still susceptible to fading, but it happens minimally and is sometimes hard to notice. The slight colour softening can be reduced further by occasional inspection and maintenance of the roof.

The Causes And Effects Of Fading Shingles On The Roof Of Your Home

Apart from protecting the house and its occupants from harsh elements, roofing shingles also increase the curb appeal of the home. Given the nature of their role, shingles are bound to fade with time. The change in visual appeal may not be a cause for concern and may easily go unrecognized, but it can harm homes that are for sale. Fading shingles can also signify that the roof requires a replacement.

The main causes of roof fading include:

  • Ultraviolet rays from the sun that the roof is constantly exposed to
  • The orientation of the roof, which may expose some parts more than others
  • The colour of the shingles. Darker colour tones tend to be more susceptible to fading than their lighter counterparts.
  • Harsh weather changes in Toronto. Rain, winds, ice, and sun cause fluctuations in heat and cold temperatures, which severely impacts the shingles.
  • Poor ventilation prevents the proper flow of air, thereby causing the roofing shingles to overheat and fade
  • Lack of coating to shield the roof or inadequate shade around the shingles

Sometimes fading may necessitate the replacement of the entire roof because:

  • It may be a sign that the shingles have reached or passed their lifespan
  • It may indicate that the shingles are dry and brittle, which makes them more susceptible to breaking or chipping
  • The shingles may no longer be capable of regulating temperatures inside the house
  • The shingles may no longer prevent leaking

These effects of fading shingles should not be ignored or taken lightly. Homeowners should take advantage of good weather in the GTA and Toronto to inspect roofs and determine if the fading has caused other effects.

When should I replace Roof Shingles?

The main purpose of roof shingles is to protect the house from bad weather, but they also help with temperature regulation. As such, shingles that are only faded but are still in good condition don’t need to be replaced. The same applies to shingles that are not damaged but have algae growing on them. Most roof damages occur during storms, which is why inspection is important. Don’t wait for trees and bigger debris to fall on the roof before you schedule an inspection. Hail and strong winds can also cause the same kind of damage that might go unnoticed without a professional inspection.

Signs that a replacement is due include:

Cracking or tearing of shingles: This interferes with the effectiveness of the roof, which interferes with the level of protection it provides to the entire house. The more the shingles deteriorate, the more they allow the roof to leak.

Presence of granules in the gutters: Granules will typically dislodge from the shingles when it rains or when there are strong winds. However, if there’s excessive loss, a replacement will be necessary. Failure to address that will result in reduced resistance to fire and vulnerability to more damage.

Sections that appear like a green carpet of the roof: Growth of moss sometimes adds a unique visual aspect to the roof, but if left there, it traps excess moisture that can damage the shingles. The shingles should be replaced before the moss spreads to other sections of the roof.

Before attempting a DIY shingle replacement, do thorough research and gather all the tools required. It is also better to hire a reputable company with vast experience in such tasks. Typically, a replacement should be considered after 20 years, which is the average lifespan of asphalt shingles.

Call us if you need a Roof Replacement because of the result of Fading Shigles

Whether you want a roof replacement to improve the functionality or aesthetic appeal of the house, D’Angelo and Sons is here for you. Doing the job yourself is also possible, but hiring a reputable company will give you more value through better results. A DIY approach may seem like a more cost-efficient option, but it has other repercussions such as lack of labour warranty and inexperience in material selection. It also compromises your safety by exposing you to accidental falls and doesn’t guarantee that the installation will be done correctly.

Our company is experienced in every aspect of shingle replacement and is qualified to restore the lost functionality and visual appeal of your roof. Our roofers will make sure the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact and that you get expert labour at your service. Some of our services are:

  • Removing the damaged shingles
  • Installing the new shingles correctly
  • Making sure there is proper insulation for adequate circulation of air to prevent premature fading
  • Checking the structural integrity to ensure there isn’t excess condensation under the roof

At D’Angelo & Sons, we will give you a thorough assessment, and our experienced estimators will provide you with an accurate quotation.