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Eavestrough Services in Hamilton, Ontario

Many people are surprised to learn that soffit, fascia, eavestroughs and downspouts are crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of your home. A properly fitted eavestroughs system can help prevent water damage, leaky basements, and pesky, animal visitors.

Many other home repair companies consider this kind of work to be supplemental, but D’Angelo & Sons recognizes the importance it represents to the overall quality of your home.
Trust D’Angelo & Sons to make sure your eavestroughs are properly installed and fit your investment.

Your eavestroughs and gutters are on your home with one important job to do: collect water and channel it away from the foundation of your home. Old or improperly installed eavestroughs can cause water damage to your home, both in the roof and basement. These are costly repairs that can be easily prevented by ensuring that your eavestroughs are properly maintained.

If you’re aware of a water problem or unsure if your home’s eavestroughs are working as effectively as they should be, contact D’Angelo & Sons today.

How does the process work?

  • We send one of our industry experts to assess and evaluate the current state of your eavestroughs and provide you with a detailed plan specifically suited to your home’s needs.
  • Once the work begins, we supplement our high-quality craftsmanship with the best materials on the market.
  • We use top quality five inch, seamless, primary aluminum eavestrough and downspouts in every project we undetake.
  • We also form seamless aluminum eavestroughs on-site. These are cut to fit your home exactly, to help mitigate weak spots and unnecessary repairs.
  • Finally, install gutter guards to prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris. Without these guards, precipitation can overflow and cause damage to your home.

D’Angelo and Sons also offers services to repair or replace soffit and fascia. The soffit is the exposed material directly underneath an overhang on your roof. Its main purpose is to assist in regulating the temperature in the attic of your home.

This area can become easily damaged by water when gutters and eavestroughs fall into disrepair and will also be assessed by a D’Angelo & Sons representative when we assess your eavestroughs. We use aluminum soffit, which is a cost-effective and low-maintenance material to improve under-eave ventilation and water run-off.

The fascia on your home will also be assessed with your eavestrough project. This material lines the edges of your roof and is meant to protect it from water damage and the wide range of weather we get in southern Ontario. Since it is located underneath the eavestroughs, it is prone to damage if your eavestroughs are not working as effectively as they should be. The fascia also has an important aesthetic role in creating a smoother edge around the roof of your home. Having these be in proper condition is beneficial both in terms of preventing future costly repairs and in terms of maintaining the curb appeal of your property.

Another important element to think about is gutter protection. D’Angelo and Sons is certified for installing T-Rex® from Alu-Rex, an innovative gutter maintenance system with a continuous hanger designed to keep your gutters straight and clean for years to come. T-Rex® continuous hanger TM come with a lifetime guarantee covering robustness and defects in materials. This system prevents ice from penetrating inside the gutter and helps water drain away while extending the life of your gutters by making them stronger, from end to end.


Contact D’Angelo & Sons today and learn more about the benefits of updating your eavestroughs.


“After speaking with two other roofing companies we met with Matthew from D’Angelo and Sons. We were pleasantly surprised at the quote Matt was willing to work with. Seeing the long standing reputation of the company, I couldn’t possibly have any objections since I was already confident that the work they do will be of top-notch quality. After seeing the end result, I have to admit, I was not disappointed. Great experience. Would recommend their services to anybody.”

Peter G. from Hamilton, Ontario

“We had received quotes from 3 different companies before getting quoted from D’Angelo and sons. Unlike the other companies, the estimator from D’Angelo and Sons, Jeremie, came fully prepared with a presentation and explained the entire process to us in detail. We were immediately sold on the idea and thankfully so, since the roof they have put up for us managed to make our entire home look better than ever.”

Lawrence W. from Hamilton, Ontario

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