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Is It Okay to Attach Accessories to a Shingle Roof?

Once your roof is installed, there are obviously so many accessories you would want to attach to it. These include security cameras, satellite dish, TV antenna, solar panels, and so many other things. While you cannot do without most of these accessories, it is always good to consider alternatives before you start attaching things to the roof. This is because accessories on the roof add stress to it and increase the risk of leaks. This is something the manufacturer of your home accessories will not tell you. However, if you must attach an accessory, it is important to ask a roofer to attach it for you.

Nailing into the Roof

The roofing system is designed specifically to keep water from getting into your house. Roofers achieve this by layering various materials over the decking or the wooden foundation of the roof. A pitched roof has many components which include felt underlayment, ice & water protectors, roof shingles, and flashing. All these components work together to keep water off the roof and into the gutters.

A single nail through the roof will definitely compromise the whole roofing system. Once the nail punctures the shingles and underlayment of the roof, the whole system will be compromised. Rainwater will get in through the hole, bypassing all the protection layers, and into your attic. Yes, the leak might be small but over time it will cause major problems. So how do roofers install accessories using nails?

Roofers use nails but in a precise way. Each nail they drive in is covered by the shingles. It is adding a nail over the shingles that compromises the roof. This is, however, not something anybody can do. That is why the installation of accessories on the roof must be left to experienced roofers.

Attaching Antenna to the Roof

Attaching Antenna to the RoofYour TV has to work, right? How then do you attach the TV antenna without damaging the roof? While a professional will help attach the antenna, it is always wise to look for other options first. Nailing the antenna to the roof will only create holes. Today, most antennas are placed in the attic because digital signals can easily bypass the roof without affecting the quality of the signal.

Your installer may suggest mounting the antenna to the chimney. There are also options for securing the antenna to the roof using strap systems; no nails are driven through the roof. Another option is that of mounting a freestanding TV antenna in the backyard. It is also good to check with your roofing professional to ensure the method the installer chooses will not damage the roof.

Shade Sail to the Roof

Shade Sail to the RoofAs the name suggests, shade sails are canvases that are nailed or hinged to the roof to provide shade. Although they are great at creating comfortable outdoor spaces, the methods used to attach them to the roof can cause extensive damage unless they are tied to the gutters or handled by professionals.

In most cases, a professional will attach the sail to the soffit to fasten it properly and ensure it remains secure regardless of how the weather changes. This prevents damages to the roof but still keeps the sail safe.

Shade sails are better when used in other outdoor structures like gazebos or trellis. It is also possible to erect them using freestanding poles that will not be attached or connected to the house in any way for the optimal safety of the roof.

Security Cameras on the Roof

While the rooftop might seem like a great place to install a security camera, manufacturers don’t recommend that even if the camera is waterproof. The best place to install them is in the soffit; the underside of the roof’s eave.

The fact that the soffit is constructed with wood should not hinder the installation of security cameras. The bottom part, which is made with aluminum or vinyl, can provide the extra strength needed for the cameras to remain sturdy.

Securing the camera to the base of the soffit before attaching it to the wooden truss provides optimal support, unlike using aluminum or vinyl only, which can result in the camera falling out with time.

Other ideas what you can use your Roof

Solar Panels

Solar PanelsThe roof also provides an excellent surface for the installation of solar panels. However, only a professional roofer or a solar panel specialist should handle such jobs because they know how to place the panels for optimal use. They also know the right approach to take to ensure the anchor points don’t damage the roof during the installation process.

If done by a non-professional, the roof may end up leaking, which will void the warranty provided by the shingle roofing manufacturer. It can also result in more problems if the damages become extensive, which will lead to expensive repairs.

Christmas Decor

Nothing makes Christmas more beautiful than the lights and decorations hanging from roofs in the neighbourhood. The magical theme makes the season more memorable and sets it apart from all the others. Knowing how to hang the decorations skillfully is crucial in creating the right ambiance and preventing damages to the roof.

Never hang the decorations when there is ice or snow on the roof. Wet weather conditions can interfere with its integrity.

It is also important to follow safety guidelines when standing or walking on the roof to reduce the chances of falling and protect the shingles from damages.
A roofing consultant should help with the installation of very large decorations. They will ensure screws or nails do not remain hanging dangerously over the roof or puncture the shingles.

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